Most Popular Keno Online

The origins of Keno goes back more than 2000 years. The original game of Keno included up to 120 characters, beautiful, and well known from the "Thousand Character Poem" in ancient China. Like most other "games development" popular history, Keno has made ??its way to the New World and became the game of "Chinese Lottery". There are about 150 years, the characters have been replaced by numbers and with time, the game was standardized to include only 80 numbers. The game then took the name " Horse Race Keno "when the laws relating to gambling and lotteries were passed in the 1930s. And when paris on horse races were popularized, the game has changed new name to become simply "Keno."

Keno is a lottery game similar to Bingo and Keno online is no different from that point of view. This is a very popular game played for fun or for money. It comes in the form of a table of numbers and a large ball containing 80 balls numbered. Players choose between one and ten numbers. With Keno Microgaming online, you can choose up to 15 numbers. Once your chosen numbers, the ball spins (the computer chooses its random numbers) and the winning numbers are displayed. The amount earned depends on the number of displayed numbers corresponding to the numbers you have chosen.

In land based casinos, players receive paper tickets and pens (or pencils or markers). Keno online , paper and pencils are replaced by the computer screen and mouse. With the mouse, the player clicks ten numbers. Then the computer "turns the big ball" and displays the twenty winning numbers. If the player has enough winners from the numbers he has chosen numbers, he wins according to the table that is shown on the screen. Obviously, if ten numbers are "keys", he wins big. But that does not happen very often.

Advantages of Online Casinos

- Players can choose from a wide selection of casino games and slot machines, with different stakes and betting limits

- The difference between the land-based casinos is that here the tables are never full - each game can be played at any time and there is no contention with other players

- Most online casinos give their players great bonuses and premiums, with your very first deposit. The extra money will give the player a greater possible use, but sometimes it is difficult to redeem the gains that have been achieved with the donated money.